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Maximizing the power of the creative idea

You spend a lot of money on your brand's advertising, and you don't take that responsibility lightly. Before you invest in a new campaign, you need to know that it will work for your brand. You need a reliable and consistent system for evaluating and improving your advertising.

At Millward Brown, we have worked hard to make our Link™ copy testing solution the most comprehensive tool to assess predict and optimize your advertising performance. Whether you have an individual ad or a multi-media campaign, Millward Brown can help you:

  • Predict the impact and persuasive power of your advertising
  • Evaluate your ad in relation to thousands of other ads
  • Diagnose its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement

The choice of the world's leading advertisers

Millward Brown's copy-testing solutions, Link has been the evaluation tool of choice of the world's leading advertisers. Developed based on years of experience working with brands and advertising, Link continues to evolve to incorporate new learning. Link has been extensively validated against future sales growth in both the long and the short term. Millward Brown's commitment to ongoing validation enables us to refine our approach and respond to changes in media and markets. Recommendations for ad development are grounded in the unparalleled knowledge and dedication of Millward Brown's advertising experts. With the combined power of Link and the Millward Brown team, you can create better ads that work harder.

A direct approach to measuring what matters

No two ads are designed to work in exactly the same way, but that's not a problem, because Link accounts for all the ways in which advertising may be intended to build a brand. Whether your objective is to raise awareness, promote trial, develop rational or emotional brand associations, or to convey a very specific message, will tell you how your ad will perform. Link uses a comprehensive set of evaluative and diagnostic questions to evoke viewer reactions, both rational and emotional. Neuroscience techniques are also employed; facial coding is built into Link while intuitive associations and eye tracking are available as adjuncts.

The outputs of a Link analysis include measures of enjoyment, comprehension, involvement, branding, brand associations, and a summary of the specific feelings evoked. Three key metrics, Persuasion, the Awareness Index (AI) and Short-term Sales Likelihood (STSL), have been validated against sales. The Power Contribution score summarizes the ad's potential to impact long-term equity. Your customized report will be built around the measures that are most relevant to your ad's objectives.

A tool for development and evaluation

Link identifies the aspects of an ad that are working as intended as well as those that could be further developed or fine-tuned. These findings can be applied immediately, and are very often. Over 40 percent of the ads in our Link database have been tested in unfinished formats—a testament to the value our clients find in the insights provided by Millward Brown for optimizing their communication.

Many of our clients find Link to be most valuable as part of a continuous cycle of development, evaluation, and improvement. Because learning from qualitative, tracking, modeling, and brand equity work can provide insights that will inform future creative strategy, it is ideal for Link to fit into a process that includes other parts of Millward Brown's creative development programs, tracking of consumer attitudes and sales, and periodic assessments of brand equity.

The Millward Brown advantage

Link offers you a number of advantages, including:

Ongoing development: The ongoing evolution of Link provides measures that are relevant today. Link now includes facial coding as a standard, delivering insights into cognitive and emotional response on a moment-bymoment basis. This, alongside existing questions and new measures of emotional intensity and brand affinity, means that Millward Brown provides the most comprehensive read of emotional response to ads. Additional questions to evaluate how meaningful and different the brand is portrayed in the ad, and a read on brand essence, help predict the long-term potential of the ad.

Worldwide availability: We've conducted Link evaluations across a range of media in 92 countries around the world. While we account for cultural differences in carrying out the research and evaluating absolute scores, the use of a consistent framework makes it possible for us to make meaningful comparisons across markets. Millward Brown can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your advertising for any target audience, in any region.

Flexibility: A straightforward approach to questioning enables Link to work as well with unfinished ads as it does with finished films. This is critical to Link's value since testing at an early stage of development allows much greater scope for applying learning to a final execution. Link's flexibility is also apparent in the degree to which the technique is adaptable to a full range of advertising objectives and channels, including digital and mobile.

Millward Brown expertise: With over 107,000 ads tested globally, the Millward Brown Link database provides a wealth of data for category and country comparisons. The experienced professionals who analyze and present your findings can also draw on the extensive collection of learning in the company's repository of case histories and analyses.

How can Link help you?

Hundreds of the world's top advertisers appreciate the power and flexibility of Link, and value Millward Brown's contribution to optimizing their communications. Many leading agencies are also represented on our long list of satisfied clients. Our experts are ready and eager to advise your team as well. For more information on how Link can help you, contact our experts in your area.

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