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Link for Digital

Creative is essential to a digital campaign's success

Not only is creative quality important in driving critical brand metrics, including favorability and purchase intent, but Millward Brown has found that bad online ads actually have the ability to negatively impact a brand.

Copy testing measures to improve digital ad effectiveness

Therefore, as investments in digital marketing continue to grow, so does the need to better understand the potential impact each creative execution will deliver, prior to in-market deployment.

Born from our Link™ suite of creative evaluation solutions, our digital offer employs validated copy testing and neuroscience techniques to help you understand how your ads will likely perform against branding objectives in the online space. Link™ for Digital tests several executions and identifies which creative has the most potential to be successful in market. A more robust Link for Digital deep dive analysis explores a single ad for rich creative optimization. We will help you choose the analysis that best fits your needs.

For further context into creative performance, benchmark ads against industry norms (from 1,000+ creatives tested) to help shed light on the particular areas where an ad is either succeeding or coming up short before the campaign launches.

How can you use the Link for Digital suite?

  • Pretest online campaigns and analyze both qualitative and quantitative feedback to maximize in-market impact
  • Copy test multiple creative and choose the best ad units to reach your goals before campaign launch
  • Focus on one specific creative for a more robust understanding of performance and potential areas for improvement
  • Benchmark the results of your online ads against the overall norm and industry-specific norms
  • Leverage eye tracking to better understand ad visibility in context of varying page clutter and placements

How it works

Respondents are recruited from a panel and exposed to one or multiple creative executions in a lab environment. This monadic research design isolates the creative impact by using forced exposure, which eliminates typically observed biases from media placement, allowing consumers to focus solely on the creative itself. Our approach evaluates each creative against your target audience and analysis is focused on specific creative goals and optimizations.

The capacity to attract and engage visual attention within a cluttered environment is a prerequisite for impactful digital advertising. Our eye tracking solution offers further insight into how your digital ads are implicitly attracting and engaging attention. This solution provides new, in-context measurement by showing digital ads on a fully functioning, live site to determine whether the ad will be noticed in the online environment (e.g., how quickly is it noticed, and how long is attention held?). Pair eye tracking with the Link for Digital survey measurement for a more holistic view of digital advertising potential.

Link for Digital studies are executed quickly and results are available immediately online. Results deliverables are available on request.

Actionable results

It's critical to understand your online creative's ability to attract attention, involve the consumer and leave a positive brand impression. Our intuitive and easyto- use online results interface provides an easy way for you to see how your creative(s) perform on three key measures:

  • Engagement
    Will the ad be remembered? Is it linked well to your brand?
  • Brand Associations
    Does the ad communicate your intended message(s)?
  • Motivation
    Does the ad prompt the intended response? Does it generate interest in your brand?

Our validation will ensure Link is predictive of in-market outcomes