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In today's multimedia world where consumers control their own media agendas and manage their interaction with brands, the most powerful media plans are those that combine a creative mix of traditional and digital channels. For brand owners, their agencies, and media owners, this choice offers huge opportunities but also presents challenges. How can you be certain that all the elements of multifaceted media campaigns have worked to deliver your communications objectives?

Example outputs

Percentage Point Uplift in Brand Metric per $1m Invested

Working smarter in the tradigital media age

Our CrossMedia Research™ approach is designed to help you understand the brand-building return from your media investments. It allows you to look beyond the impact of exposure to paid advertising – to assess the effects of sponsorship, events, PR, word of mouth, user-generated content, and retail-based activities. Insights from our CrossMedia Research solutions allow you to see how specific platforms performed and to assess how each worked in combination to drive key brand metrics.

As people throughout the world find more ways to be entertained, be informed, transact, communicate, and express themselves, the long tail of media connection points continues to grow. This "media tail" may now be more stretched in some countries than others, but it is growing in all markets.

Expanding media choices, together with consumers' increasing use of technology, make measuring the effectiveness of different media both more challenging and more important.

  • Unbiased: Millward Brown's study design allows us to account for predisposition toward a brand and accurately assess impact by media.
  • Trusted: Our CrossMedia Research has measured the effectiveness of over 200 campaigns.

Answering the right questions

Millward Brown's CrossMedia Research will provide you with the insights you need to make informed decisions about the use of media channels—enabling you to maximize impact and make your media investment work harder.

It will help answer questions such as:

  • How well did the campaign's media mix work?
  • Which medium or media combinations were most effective in shifting brand metrics?
  • What role did synergies between media play in delivering additional impact?
  • Did different combinations of advertising exposure affect specific audiences?
  • How well did the various media elements deliver against campaign objectives?
  • How can we improve media effectiveness moving forward, based on:
    • The relative cost efficiency of media in driving different brand measures?
    • How different media platforms impact different aspects of the brand?
    • When and in what context there is evidence of diminishing returns either at the total campaign or the individual channel level?
  • What is the impact of non-traditional media placements such as word of mouth, experiential marketing, user-generated media and public relations efforts?

The best solution for you

CrossMedia Research can either form a module for assessing media effectiveness within our Tracking studies, or be conducted as a stand-alone study alongside existing research to provide richer media understanding.

Both approaches to CrossMedia Research are suited to specific campaign contexts, and are media neutral and cost effective. In addition, they use the same techniques for determining media exposure and have similar outputs. When your campaign includes just a few platforms, our cellbased approach will typically be more cost effective.

When you are using more a complex mix of communications channels, our modeling-based approach may be more appropriate.

The industry standard in measuring integrated campaigns

Millward Brown's CrossMedia Research approach is fast becoming a global industry standard for measuring integrated media campaigns. Learn how we can help you and your agency teams assess the brand effect of individual media within your multimedia campaigns.

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