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Discovering your brand's meaningful difference

Set your organization on a path to sustainable brand-driven financial growth

We know that the most successful brands are Meaningful, Different and Salient. These three qualities, in varying combinations, exist in brands that sell the most, command the highest price premium and generate the most value share growth.

BrandDynamics™ is a system of brand equity measurements, based on Millward Brown's Meaningfully Different Framework, that reveals your brand's current equity and opportunities for growth.

Brand-owners need guidance on how to fortify current equities, as well as how to generate growth and maximize current brand strength in-market. BrandDynamics uniquely quantifies and diagnoses drivers of your current brand equity, and your future growth potential. Millward Brown's BrandDynamics is the only system that also traces the influence of brand predisposition to what people choose and how much they pay for it.

We also know that people don't always do or buy what they want. Identifying the marketplace factors that may be inhibiting your ability to capitalize on already strong brand desire is critical to prioritizing brand management investment.

Metrics that matter: BrandDynamics employs simple scores that summarize your brand's equity and relate directly to real world financial and business outcomes.

  • Power: a prediction of the brand's volume share
  • Premium: a brand's ability to command a price premium relative to the category average
  • Potential: the probability that a brand will grow value share

The consumer decision-making process

Millward Brown's Meaningfully Different framework is built on the latest thinking about how people make choices and build relationships with brands.

From acknowledging that consumer behavior is often instinctive and habitual, to recognizing that a brand does not have to offer a tangibly different product to be different, BrandDynamics and the Meaningfully Different Framework embrace the latest knowledge around why people think, feel, and act as they do. Additionally, BrandDynamics incorporates proven, scalable neuroscience techniques to understand the subconscious responses to brands and the intuitive associations that brands elicit.

Streamlined measurement and modeling: Millward Brown's Meaningfully Different Framework is a simple but powerful brand equity currency that can be integrated across all our research. The simple scores summarize a brand's equity and relate directly to its real world financial and business outcomes all in a fast, efficient way.

Managing your brand to propel growth

Millward Brown's primary brand equity metrics can be visualized in a unique way. At a glance, you can see how meaningful, different and salient your brand is compared to the Norm and how this translates into power share for your brand.

By looking at competitor brand propellers, we can compare and contrast the source of each brand's power. Now we can dig deep with our clients to defend their strengths, help them overcome their weaknesses and exploit competitors vulnerability.

Both evaluation and planning: best-in-class analytics and diagnostics

Millward Brown's brand equity research (delivered via BrandDynamics) does not stop at simply summarizing the current strength of your brand. Through state-of-the-art measurement techniques as well as diagnoses and driver analysis, we deliver insight that can guide brand strategy and marketing actions.

We incorporate forward-looking simulators into our reporting to help you optimize power for your brand. We use innovative methods to reveal why people prefer and choose brands,digging below the conscious surface and going beyond basic attributes. These include open-ended, projective, and intuitive methods, developed and validated by our qualitative and neuroscience teams.

Finally, BrandDynamics simulates the impact of in-market and activation factors on your brand, quantifying the gap between predisposition and behavior.

Millward Brown: the best partner to help grow your brand

Millward Brown has the most comprehensive brand equity database in the world, connecting you to inspirational success stories and marketing trends that inspire brand growth.

Millward Brown has the only brand equity solution that offers validated measures of your brand's ability to drive volume (Power), justify a higher price (Premium) and deliver future value share growth (Potential).

About Kantar Millward Brown

Kantar Millward Brown is a leading global research agency specializing in advertising effectiveness, strategic communication, media and brand equity research. Millward Brown helps clients grow great brands through comprehensive research-based qualitative and quantitative solutions. Specialist global practices include Millward Brown Digital (a leader in digital effectiveness and intelligence), Firefly Millward Brown (our global qualitative network), a Neuroscience Practice (using neuroscience to optimize the value of traditional research techniques), and Millward Brown Vermeer (a strategy consultancy helping companies maximize financial returns on brand and marketing investments). Millward Brown operates in more than 55 countries and is part of Kantar, WPPs data investment management division.

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