Making the Most of Facebook Video Content

Television advertising has long been a staple of big brand advertising.

A large part of its appeal has been the potential to quickly and efficiently reach broadly targeted audiences. With the rise of the connected consumer, times are changing. Mobile internet usage is now commanding over an hour of people’s day, and video consumption on mobile nearly doubled year on year in 2015. In addition, consumers worldwide now watch a staggering 8 billion video views per day on Facebook alone. Decisions around channel choice and efficient investment have become increasingly critical for marketers and media buyers in the digital environment.

In parallel, as consumers increase their consumption of content on digital devices, we are seeing them exercise more control over the content they watch, and when they watch it – this includes their exposure to advertising messages. It’s critical that content grabs attention and engages consumers. Marketers need to consider platform, context and content to successfully communicate to their audience.

Millward Brown recently conducted CrossMedia research and Link for Digital ad testing analysis of leading advertisers Telstra, McDonald’s, Toyota, Nestlé and Tourism New Zealand. The findings show that when big brands used Facebook video advertising within the media mix greater efficiency and effectiveness was achieved over TV media buys alone.

Our meta-analysis of campaigns from 2013-2016 plus specific campaigns in 2015/16 from the above brands revealed:

  • Facebook Video advertising consistently delivers higher reach within a target audience compared to other online channels.
  • Facebook Video advertising can be used to extend reach beyond traditional TV media buys, where over half of Facebook reach may be incremental to TV, it’s particularly effective at supplementing reach to light television viewers.

Facebook Video can complement other media in an integrated campaign, generating both efficiency savings and improved brand impacts. To learn more about how Facebook video advertising helps brands create emotional / physiological connections, download the full report.