Digital Behavior Analytics

Using search and social data to power brand growth - clever analytics for smart marketers

How well are you using data from search and social channels to grow your brand? Today they are becoming increasingly essential ingredients in understanding your consumers. Digital Behavior Analytics (DBA), Kantar Millward Brown’s new in-market tracking solution draws together data from multiple sources to provide a fast and cost efficient way to monitor and react to changes in performance of your brand. Utilizing state of the art analytics to separate the meaningful information from the noise, DBA provides marketers with validated metrics they can trust and valuable insights that help to grow brands, and businesses.

The Digital Behavior Analytics automated dashboard provides weekly data to continuously get a read on high-level brand KPIs. We use online signals from consumer behavior and conversations to better understand your brand’s health, and campaign performance in real time – so you can act quickly, and with confidence.

Kantar Millward Brown ran a year-long global R&D program to determine which passively observed and digitally measured data assets were the most meaningful indicators of brand health and campaign performance – not just for individual brands but across categories and markets.

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What can search and social media data tell you about brand performance?

Learn more about the relationships between new data sources and known equity and sales metrics – not in one-off individual cases but through repeated testing across brands and categories.


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  • We have identified and analyzed signals from consumers’ responses for over 40 years
  • Built on extensive R&D and advanced analytics and validated to actual business performance
  • Globally scalable and designed to show immediate opportunities for action

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What can search and social media data tell you about brand performance?

Fundamentally, brand planning has changed – from an environment that was data poor to one that is data rich. Marketers who manage the transition to data-rich brand planning will win by being able to strategically connect different data assets and understand the analytic tools to deploy against objectives. Download the whitepaper to learn more.