Meaningfully Different Framework

Kantar Millward Brown's meaningfully different framework

Do meaningfully different brands create financial value growth?

The answer is yes. Our Meaningfully Different Framework is a holistic brand equity measurement system that helps determine how meaningful (meets consumer needs), different (unique and sets trends) and salient (top of mind) your brand is. We measure and provide insight on the power, premium and potential of your brand.

Power (growing sales through extra volume)

Premium (commanding a higher price)

Potential (sustainable future growth)

Kantar Millward Brown findings revealed that meaningfully different brands capture five times more volume, command a 13% price premium and are four times more likely to grow value share during the next 12 months, compared to brands lacking meaningful difference. In fact, meaningfully different brands are expected to grow value share an average of 6.9% per year.

Our Meaningfully Different Framework serves as a backbone to all Kantar Millward Brown solutions and brand advisory services. We deliver actionable insights that integrate the latest thinking from the worlds of neuroscience and psychology, to help drive brand growth. You will see our framework referenced throughout our solutions.

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