Ad Tracking

Measure and evaluate in-market advertising success

Is your advertising delivering ROI?

Kantar Millward Brown offers a number of solutions to measure in-market advertising effectiveness. Each solution works as a standalone offer but can be combined with any of our other solutions to paint a holistic picture of overall marketing effectiveness when you need a deeper level of insight. Our solutions include:


A light, fast and focused ad tracking solution. We focus only on the information you need to make fast decisions and in-market changes when needed – leading to improved ROI and brand growth. Understand the impact of your ad and know if it's building the desired associations for your brand, and if those associations are creating brand-building potential. AdExpress determines if you should continue running a particular ad or run a new one. It identifies which ads can be reused, and which ads in the mix are driving brand. Designed to be flexible, AdExpress allows you to add new advertising to the research mix. Results are delivered in an easy to use, interactive dashboard.

Digital Behavior Analytics

You can no longer measure in-market advertising effectiveness without including search and social data to get the full picture. We use our Digital Behavior Analytics solutions to integrate data, from sources relevant to your brand, to help guide your marketing actions – and we deliver the data at the speed of business.

Our in-market ad tracking solutions use the same consistent framework as our Brand Equity, Brand Tracking and Media Effectiveness solutions. No matter which Kantar Millward Brown solutions you're using, we'll help you make good decisions quickly, and use your budget more effectively.

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