Link for Video

Improve Video ROI across digital and TV placements

Link for Video helps to optimise video content across platforms to tell a brand’s story as powerfully as possible in order to maximise media investment. Using multiple contexts to understand creative power overall and for specific placements, we combine neuroscience, behavioural and survey measures to provide the most comprehensive evaluation of a video’s power to influence how people feel about a brand.

Link for Video is validated to measure the immediate and long-term effectiveness of video advertising in driving brand equity and sales. Kantar Millward Brown has pre-tested over 130,000 videos across 100 countries, so you can act on results in confidence.

Use Link for Video to:

  • Find out if your multi-channel video content will achieve your advertising objectives
  • Optimize your story across placements to maximize ROI
  • Predict the impact of video advertising on your brand and sales
  • Learn what works for your brand to develop better video ads going forward.

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