Points of View

New Marketing for a New Generation

The AdReaction: Gen X, Y and Z study found that the attitudes of Gen Z are remarkably similar to older generations. Understanding generational similarities and differences can be useful for planning and developing engaging media and content.

Digital Transformation of Tracking

In today’s world, speedy and actionable insight is much more important than the loss of trend data. It’s time for all marketers to adopt the new generation of tracking to leverage the opportunities created by digital and mobile technologies. With a huge percentage of brand value resting in a brand’s consumer equity, marketers need actionable and timely information on what is and isn’t working.

Brands Beware – Don't fall into the emotion trap

The specific brand associations that make consumers choose a certain brand vary by brand, category and context, but ultimately they ladder up to two meta associations. The foundation for any successful brand is that people find it meaningful and different. Brands that are perceived this way are chosen more often, grow faster, and command a higher price point than competing brands.

Establish a Creative Development Process that Works

All marketers want to create ad campaigns based on ideas that are meaningful and resonate with their target audience. Starting with the right insight is critical to campaign success. Marketers who develop a consistent, disciplined approach to creative development are more likely to generate stronger brand value and business performance—the ultimate success criteria.

Ads That Travel Well Begin with an Insight

As zero-based budgeting grows in popularity, the opportunity to save costs by producing one ad that can be used in many countries is compelling. But there is the risk that this direction may not be the best way to maximise ROI.

Use a Social First Strategy to Build Your Brand

In the near future, socially driven campaigns will become a far more important way to reach consumers who will otherwise remain off marketers’ digital radar. To do this, marketers need to create more remarkable, emotional or useful content to leverage the true power of social to build their brands.

How Consumers Buy Brands: The new decision journey

The digital brand ecosystem and the sheer volume of behavioural insight data available today have dramatically changed the consumer decision journey. To successfully build brands, marketers should have a solid understanding of the new path to purchase.

Why Banks Should Make their Customers Fall in Love

Consumers have different expectations of financial services brands today, and interact with them in new ways. Mainstream banks must innovate to provide the right functionality, communicate to build the brand, then use technology to create an experience that forges strong relationships with consumers.

Multiscreen Video: Get the size and the audience right

Learn more about which qualities of mobile advertising are most important in breaking through to audiences and how these vary across generations. Creative length and screen size also vary in driving advertising effectiveness.

Marketing to Muslims: Too diverse to stereotype

The Muslim population is currently more than 20% of the global population and marketers have been quick to segment them as an audience. But is religion alone ever a strong enough driver to categorize consumers, or are there other elements which are more relevant?

Made in China: Consumers are choosing local brands

New Millward Brown research shows Chinese brands are now equal to international brands in Brand Power – the BrandZ measurement of brand equity – meaning they are equally competitive in many ways. International brands are failing to keep pace with the aspirations of consumers in China, and the speed of the mobile wave.

Will Advertising Be Dead by 2025?

If advertisers want to improve consumer receptivity to advertising, they need to make changes now. Consumers are fed up with intrusive advertising that’s not relevant to them, and adblocking has become a serious issue.

Make Your Brand the Obvious Choice

Is your brand immediately recognizable? Creating positive brand experiences and developing effective communications over time will keep a brand top of mind with consumers. This is essential to drive brand growth and protect a brand from competitors.

Identifying Consumer Signals in the Digital Noise

Digital big data helps marketers understand consumer behavior. But mining the relevant data from everything available can be challenging. It’s not enough to aggregate and trend it – the data needs to yield insights to help marketers make decisions for their brands in real time.

Video Advertising: Getting it Right

Part of advertising success comes from delivering the right content to the right audience, in the right context. Millward Brown’s AdReaction Video study helps marketers understand how to effectively develop and distribute video content in a multiscreen world.

Bringing Brand Data to Programmatic

How we measure advertising success is not a new topic. The trend now is toward short-term behavioral response as the key measure of success. This is not only due to digital innovation – sales promotion and direct marketing have successfully pushed the performance marketing approach since the 1970s. With more media now bought and targeted using automated systems, the question of what represents success has become more urgent.

Consumer Attitudes Matter when it Comes to Brand Loyalty

Brands with their fair share of attitudinal loyalty are more likely to grow and are better positioned to benefit from effective communications, while brands that lack attitudinal loyalty will struggle to leverage communications to drive growth.

Brand Building: An Investment in Future Financial Success

Millward Brown has identified the drivers of long-term brand value growth based on global research on 100,000 brands. Lessons learned from 10 years of the BrandZ™ Top 100 Global Brands rankings can help established and aspiring brands join or remain on the list in the future.

Transforming Brand Tracking to Help Today's Marketers Succeed

In-market brand and ad tracking have greatly evolved but today’s marketing environment is changing even faster. Getting a fast read of what people believe and feel about a brand, and how this is impacted by the communi- cations they see, enables marketers to quickly course-correct to change messaging and creative to better deliver on brand goals.

Receptivity and a New Share of Voice

The rapid growth of digital and mobile has given advertisers more ways to reach consumers at any time. The advertising industry should be very careful not to damage its most precious resource – consumers and their willingness to receive messages. Read what brands can do to continue engaging consumers in the right way.