Smashing Silos – How New Tools Track Campaigns Across Channels

Client Director, Domain Expert,
Media & Digital
Kantar Millward Brown

The days when TV commercials were enough to establish and maintain a connection with consumers are long gone. Today, marketers face constant fragmentation of media channels and touchpoints on the one hand, and more demanding consumers on the other. Brand managers must navigate all of these evolving touchpoints and make decisions faster and faster.

According to BrandZ™ data, this more complex landscape of activating brands means that less than one in 10 brands is currently growing and building long-term brand value.

Advertising campaigns that successfully activate a brand are therefore also becoming increasingly complex. And this complexity poses a challenge for marketers to track the effectiveness and efficiency of their multimedia campaign. Traditional measurements often fall short because they have not adapted to this complicated media environment.

Tools such as Kantar’s CrossMedia measure the effectiveness and efficiency of multi-channel campaigns, isolate the impact of each channel on the brand, and thus make it possible to break silos and use a uniform, comparable measurement system across all channels.

Campaign success is therefore measured according to how well a brand reaches the right people, in the right context, with excellent content – and thus generates a strong ROI.