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Taking the Biscuit

Growth is proving challenging for many biscuit brands in Indonesia. Feny Soraya and Ilham Maulana outline two rules for successful innovation that FMCG brands should follow to achieve growth.

Managing Information Overload

Experiences help consumers manage the proliferation of choice. Getting the brand promise right and co-creating with consumers are two ways of many to create a meaningful brand experience. Learn more with Suresh Subramanian.

Consumer Led Innovation

Social media has given businesses a window into consumers lives - and a new way to gain inspiration. Madhav and Amira Khanifah share three approaches to integrating social listening into your product innovation strategy.

Chinese Brands Expand Globally, Shift From Value to Premium

The journey from value brand to premium is not an easy one. But it’s one that many Chinese companies are trying to make.

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Future Proof: Why should we care about brand value?

Hear from BrandZ’s Doreen Wang on why brands care about brand valuations, and what it takes to get in to the Top 100...

As the 5G talk turns to action, consumers still lack knowledge

What are the key benefits of 5G that consumers need to know? Winnie Cheng shares her thoughts in the new BrandZ Global 2019 report.

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Ecosystems sustain success by expanding share of life

How can brands adapt their mindsets to captivate customers and drive growth? Victoria Sakal explains why ecosystem-driven growth is the new era of brand-building in the 2019 BrandZ Global report.

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Collaborative mindset now drives success in B2B tech

Erik Haroldson and Alexandre Momma reveal the benefits of establishing partnerships between technology brands. Learn from Microsoft and Adobe's successful collaboration strategies.

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Sustaining trust raises challenges, as touchpoints become digital

How can banks regain trust and ensure they are competitive in today's digital age? Jane Ostler discusses in the NEW BrandZ Global report

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Cultural change disrpts how people perceive meal occasions

Fast food brands need to adapt to changes in when, where and what people eat. Wayne Pan highlights three key actions for brands to compete amid this cultural shift.

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The competitive landscape will become harder, more complex

The automotive competitive landscape will become harder and more complex. Guillaume Saint says carmakers will need to depend on their best asset - the brand. Find out more.

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People prefer brands they can depend on to do the right thing

Across generations, consumers will abandon brands that betray trust. Wendy Swigget shares insights on the importance of trust as the digital age increases transparancy.

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Consumers want more from banks as societal change reshapes category

Consumers are demanding more from their banks. How are Revolut and Marcus driving growth? Find out.

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Elitism is not cool, as young people change cultural values

Anu Lingala argues that elitism has lost its cool factor, as cultural values change. Discover how luxury brands can balance exclusivity and inclusivity in the new BrandZ global report

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Analysis of brands by generation yields relevance lessons

BrandZ's Research Director Martin Guerrieria from argues that analysis of brands by generation reveals some important insights. Which generation of brands dominates the BrandZ Global Top 100 ranking? Find out.

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Consumers judge brands on their sustainability talk and actions

Sustainability is no longer a niche consumption behaviour - it has achieved mainsgtream appeal. With more consumers making the environmental choice, the time for brands to act is now. Hear from Laura Tarbox in the 2019 BrandZ Global report

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Values-Centric Brands Convert Consumers into Advocates

The fashion market is undergoing palpable change. In order to keep up brands need to empower shoppers to make statements about their personal values. Anusha Couttigane explains how to convert fashion consumers into brand advocates.

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Rapid Change Requires New Success Metrics

In the world of the #RetailApocalypse how we measure success is inevitably changing. Kantar's Retail expert Ray Gaul considers the future of traditional success metrics.

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Retail Enters an Attention Span Economy

Omnichannel retail shows that consumers aren't buying less, they're just shopping less. Retailers must reshape commerce to fit with consumers' lives while offering the excitement of discovery. Wayne Pan from Kantar discusses.

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Brands Must Increase Trust in Purchasing on the Internet

E-commerce brands are struggling with a trust deficit among Indian consumers when purchasing online. Arnab Bhowmik from Kantar reveals 4 ways e-commerce brands can earn consumers' trust.

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