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Latest Research & Reports

AdReaction: Getting Gender Right

Our latest AdReaction report focuses on how gender progressive advertising can help grow your brand. The report delivers new insights into the role of gender in brand strategy, creative response and media targeting.

Getting Media Right 2018

5th annual study looks at the challenges marketers face and the opportunities for creating breakthrough marketing in a connected world

How Disruption Can Fuel Brand Growth

How Disruption Can Fuel Brand Growth, highlights 8 steps conventional brands can take to drive growth, and explores success stories that demonstrate a range of strategies which have led to growth for brands across different categories. While every brand can't be an Amazon, Netflix or Airbnb, just a 1% change in market share for an established brand can deliver significant growth. Learn more

Latest Articles & Opinion

Values-Centric Brands Convert Consumers into Advocates

The fashion market is undergoing palpable change. In order to keep up brands need to empower shoppers to make statements about their personal values. Anusha Couttigane explains how to convert fashion consumers into brand advocates.

BrandZ Global Retail

Rapid Change Requires New Success Metrics

In the world of the #RetailApocalypse how we measure success is inevitably changing. Kantar's Retail expert Ray Gaul considers the future of traditional success metrics.

BrandZ Global Retail

Retail Enters an Attention Span Economy

Omnichannel retail shows that consumers aren't buying less, they're just shopping less. Retailers must reshape commerce to fit with consumers' lives while offering the excitement of discovery. Wayne Pan from Kantar discusses.

BrandZ Global Retail


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  • Turning Disruption into Brand Momentum in a volatile marketing world

    June 27, 2019

    Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of these insightful new learnings from Kantar and BrandZ’s most-experienced thought leaders from around the world.

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  • BrandZ US Launch: Exploring lessons from the most valuable brands

    November 14, 2018
    New York, New York, USA

    Please join us as we reveal the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable US Brands 2019 ranking. Hear from top brand leaders, explore the insights from this year’s research, and learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing today’s market from experts on influential trends and growth essentials. Also, get an exclusive preview of the new BrandZ CelebrityZ rankings, powered by Spotted.

    New York Stock Exchange - Freedom Hall
    11 Wall Street
    New York, NY 10005
    1:30 PM – 5:30 PM EST

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