The Best Ads Showcase Human Outcomes as Well as Product Truths

Emma Mussell
Account Director
Millward Brown

Indonesian consumers look to advertising for information about brands, which makes the product truth – how it’s made, its core features and benefits – a valuable component of effective advertising. But focusing solely on product attributes can lead to advertising that’s generic and uninspiring, reducing a brand's ability to catch the audience’s attention and build positive brand memories.

The key to success? Build a resonant, human story around the product truth that brings to life not only what the brand offers people, but also what this means for them. Milo is a strong example of this, becoming a market leader in chocolate drinks with communications that celebrate the victories and successes enabled by the product’s energy claims. This platform transcends channels, translating easily from Milo’s annual sponsored 10km run, to their TV commercials and Facebook activity; all touchpoints showcase the sporting success achieved with Milo energy.

Telling an emotionally compelling brand story that’s rooted in a product truth helps brands to build a meaningful connection with consumers that sets them apart from the competition. In a market where meaningful difference is increasingly important for decision-making, this can be a great way to accelerate brand-led growth.

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