How Meaning Has Become More Important than Saliency in Driving Brand Growth in Indonesia

Vina Erwita
Associate Account Director
Millward Brown

The ease with which people can access information in Indonesia is transforming the way they think about, discover, and experience brands. As an Indonesian myself, I see the pace with which this change is occurring.

Indonesian BrandZ™ data from 2011 – just four years ago – showed that saliency was the dominant force in driving brand growth. Since then, the importance of saliency has declined considerably. It is no longer enough for brands to be visible to drive pre-disposition. The importance of establishing a meaningful connection with consumers has taken on increasing importance. Indonesian consumers have become more discerning in their choice of brands, and their expectations of what brands can offer have evolved.

Key actions for brand success in this climate:

  • Focus on building a meaningful connection with your consumers
  • Identify a core product truth or functional benefit that meets consumers’ needs
  • Use your product truth as a platform for telling an emotionally compelling brand story
  • Be aspirational and inspiring, but also align with local values and beliefs.

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