India Top 50 match global brands in being Salient

India Top 50 match global brands in being Salient

The strong Salient score for the India Top 50 reflects strength in the Indian market. The India Top 50 leaders in Salient and their scores are: Fair & Lovely, a personal care brand (246), Colgate (245) and the lubricant Castrol (236).

These scores are comparable to, or exceed, the scores of global leaders in Salient: Coca-Cola (248), McDonald’s (228) and Facebook (195). The India Top 50 Salient scores are based on consumer responses in India. The global scores include consumer responses in all the countries where these brands compete.


The strong Salient scores for brands in India indicate that, whether they’re based in India or part of a multinational, they’ve done a good job establishing themselves in the minds of Indian consumers.

India Top 50 brands planning to expand overseas will need to invest to establish similar Salient strength internationally. Multinational brands planning to enter India need to anticipate that established brands in India often occupy a secure place in the consumer mind and can be difficult to dislodge.

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