India Top 50 brands outscore global leaders in being seen as Meaningful

Meaningful (meeting needs and inspiring love) is an important component of both Premium (willingness to pay more) and Brand Power (disposition to choose a brand, which drives sales volume and market share).

The BrandZ™ India Top 50 scored marginally higher in Meaningful than the Global Top 50 (121 compared with 119). And the top three Indian leaders in Meaningful scored substantially higher than the global leaders.

Indian personal care brand Fair & Lovely scored highest in Meaningful (206), followed by Kingfisher beer (203) and the lubricant brand Castrol (201). In contrast, the top three global leaders in being seen as Meaningful are Facebook (166), FedEx (164) and Colgate (160).

These results demonstrate the success brands in India have achieved in being perceived as Meaningful in the Indian market. For the global brands, achieving high Meaningful scores across multiple country markets presents a challenge.


Good Meaningful scores should help brands in India command a Premium, especially if they can improve their Different scores so that consumers see the brands as Different from the competition in Meaningful ways. The diversity of the Indian brands with high Meaningful scores suggests that brands across categories can achieve this advantage.

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Methodology and valuation by Kantar Millward Brown

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