Unique methodology assesses brand equity and competitive possibilities

BrandZ™ measures brand equity with three primary metrics that assess how consumers view brands as Different (unique or trend setting), Meaningful (meeting needs and inspiring love) and Salient (being top of mind).

Combinations of these metrics drive three attributes that produce competitive advantage: Brand Premium (the consumer willingness to pay more for perceived value, which yields a higher margin) Brand Power (the consumer predisposition to choose a brand and drive sales volume) and Brand Potential (the sustainability of Brand Premium and Brand Power over time).

This multi-faceted consumer view of brands results in Brand Contribution, the consumer- centric and validated proportion of sales and margin directly attributed to the brand alone excluding all other factors.

All these metrics are derived from the unique and proprietary BrandZ™ database, the world’s largest consumerfocused source of brand equity knowledge and insight. The BrandZ™ database covers 100,000 brands in 400 categories across 50 country and regional markets. Perpetually updated, the database includes more than three million consumers and yields over 4.5 billion data points.

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Methodology and valuation by Kantar Millward Brown

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