BrandZ Top UK Brands

Vodafone holds firm as the UK’s most valuable brand as total brand value declines by 3% during a challenging and uncertain time for the country.

UK brands remain well known and loved among consumers with fastest risers Deliveroo, Costa Coffee and BrewDog standing out as examples of what a strong brand can achieve.

Read the report to discover which brands made this year’s ranking, the opportunities available for brands to grow - even in challenging times, and the outlook for brands outside the EU.


Thought Leadership

Keeping it real

Many brands have relied on the same tried and tested growth models for decades, but those formulas are badly failing today. Bart Michels shares seven building blocks that companies must embrace to achieve sustained top-level growth.


From ‘own label’ to ‘exclusive brand’

As consumers have added more Private Label products to their trolleys, supermarkets have built powerful new brands. Martin Guerrieria and Matt Botham outline how differentiation is the key for other brands to compete against rising PL brands.


Meaningful Monzo?

UK customers banking needs are changing. BrandZ consumer data shows Monzo is positioned for greatness as it redefines what banking means today. So what does Monzo teach about brand building? Find out with Martin Guerrieria & Sara Reid.