BrandZ Top South African Brands

The challenging macroeconomic and political environment in South Africa is reflected in the 2019 BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable South African Brands report.  We see however that the country’s top brands have rallied well with a net decline that is 7% less than the decline of average brands on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

In value terms, the country’s top brands are punching above their weight compared to similar brands in larger markets.  The country has entered a period of cautious optimism post the “Zuma years” following the 2018 change in government and affords brands a guarded space for hope and the possibility of a return to growth.

Read the report to discover which brands made this year’s ranking, the brands that consumers are loving and why a clearly differentiated offer is the key to growth in South Africa. 


Thought Leadership

To Spend or Not to Spend, That Is the Brand Question

The key to success during a downturn is to remain focused. Charles Foster explains the approaches South African brands should follow in order to survive in today's volatile macroeconomic climate.


Consumer-Centric Dynamic Journeys and Their Role in an ‘age of Experience’

There is often a gulf between the experience brands promise and what they deliver. Adhil Patel explains in order to get the basics right and refocus on the consumer, businesses must map the consumer's "journey" with the brand.



A Focus on Delighting Customers Help FNB Grow

Retaining its value twice as well as any of the Big Four banks, Nigel Hollis outlines the four branding approaches adopted by FNB for other South African marketers to emulate to build success.


Decoding the DNA of Business Growth

Delivering growth is now more difficult than ever before. Evolving customer experience and attracting whole-brained talent are two ways of many to build real growth in challenging times.


South African Brands Beyond Our Borders

Nando’s tops the list of South African brands that generate the majority of their revenue overseas. Stina Van Rooyen shares the recipe to Nando's worldwide success.