2013 Top 50 LATAM Brands

The 2013 BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands total $135.3 billion in value, a decrease from the total value in 2012 of $135.7 billion. This relatively sustained value shows the strength and resilience of leading Latin American brands, despite the global crisis and other factors that have negatively impacted upon the Latin American economy.

Change at the top

The most important change seen in the BrandZ Latam Top 50 ranking was the segment shift in the number one spot. Last year, the Oil sector headed the list. This year we see Corona, a B2C brand, at the top. Corona’s success is not isolated, several B2C brands have increased their value and in fact, there are three B2C brands in the Top 10, all of them beers – significantly changing the face of the ranking.

The top 5 positions in 2012 comprised the B2B, Services and Financial segments; in 2013, the top positions are dominated by B2C, Services and B2B, followed closely by Retail.

A good year for beer

The most valuable brand this year is the above-mentioned Mexican beer Corona ($6.6 billion) with a 29 percent growth – a brand that enjoys a solid positioning and is highly regarded by consumers, not only in Mexico, but also overseas.

Number 2 in the BrandZ Latam Top 50 2013 ranking is also a Mexican brand: communication provider, Telcel. With a value of $6.6 billion this year, it’s down 22 percent compared to 2012, but like Telcel, quite a few brands have lost value this year but other brands in the alcoholic beverages segments compensate for that loss. Modelo, another Mexican beer brand, has also improved considerably.

Newcomers and growing segments

In the beer segment (B2C), Águila and Poker (Colombia), and Cristal (Peru) make their debut in the BrandZ Latam Top 50. Financial is another segment which saw three new entrants: BCP, Interbank (both Peru), and Banorte (Mexico). Retail also welcomed a newcomer, Soriana (Mexico). Other segments such as Bakery, Cement, Food, Retail and Cosmetics also performed positively.

Value distribution by country

The BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands ranking 2013 reveals an interesting shift as far as each country contribution is concerned: Mexico overtakes Brazil in value terms with a 29 percent share, and is now the main contributor. Brazil fell to second position, dropping from 34 percent to 28 percent of the total contribution.

Chile and Colombia in effect maintained their contributions to the total of the BrandZ Latam Top 50. It’s worth noting that Chile, despite having a much smaller economy compared to Colombia and Argentina, holds third place in total contribution, which clearly shows the power of some of its well-positioned brands (such as Falabella). Chile is also now considered the most globalized country in the region, having established visa agreements with the United States and trade agreements with over 50 other countries.

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