2014 BrandZ Top 100 Global Brands

12 Percent Brand Value Rise Crosses all Categories

It was a year of real growth, but also of disruption and even transformation.

The BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2014 added $310 billion to reach $2.9 trillion in brand value, a 12 percent increase.

Prior to the BrandZ™ Global 2014 results, the Top 100 had increased an average of about 6 percent, $125 billion, annually since the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.

This year, led by apparel, with a 29 percent overall increase, all categories rose in brand value. And 10 of 14 categories experienced double-digit growth, indicating that brands across the economy have moved beyond recovery into a period of new growth.

Key Results


The BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands increased 12 percent, to $2.9 trillion, following a 7 percent rise a year earlier.

Doubled in 8yrs

The combined brand value of the BrandZ™ Global Top 100 has almost doubled in eight years, since its inception in 2006.


Since 2006, the stock market values of the BrandZ™ Strong Brands Portfolio, a subset of the BrandZ™ Global Top 100, has appreciated 81.1 percent, significantly outperforming the 44.7 percent rise in the S&P 500 over the same period.


Google claimed the number one rank in the BrandZ™ Global Top 100.


Apparel led all categories in overall brand value growth with a 29 percent rise, following 21 percent a year earlier.

Double -digits

All 14 categories increased in brand value, 10 of them with double-digits.

Only 18

Only 18 of the Top 100 brands lost value this year, compared with an average of 30 brands each year since the BrandZ™ Global Top 100 rankings started in 2006. An average of 31 brands annually lost value since the financial crisis of 2008.


Tencent, the Chinese social network and Internet portal, led the list of fastest risers with a 97 percent increase in brand value, overtaking China Mobile as China's most valuable brand.


Facebook (up 68 percent), Baidu, China's leading search engine (46 percent) and Yahoo! (44 percent) also made the Top 20 Risers.

71 & 78

Twitter and LinkedIn entered the Top 100 for the first time, at numbers 71 and 78, respectively. Amazon entered the Top 10 at number 10, the first retailer to achieve this distinction.

Top four

With Microsoft up several slots, after a 29 percent brand value increase, the top four brands in BrandZ™ Global Top 100 are in the technology category – Google, Apple, IBM and Microsoft.


Around a fifth of the BrandZ™ Global Top 100 are technology brands and these 18 brands account for $827 billion in brand value, nearly a third of the Top 100 total value.


Google increased the most in dollar value, $45.2 billion, in the 2014 ranking. The brand also increased significantly since 2006, $121.4 billion, second only to the gain of $131.9 billion by Apple during the same period.


Brands based in Continental Europe increased 19 percent in brand value overall, more than any other region, following a rise of only 5 percent a year ago.

North America

North America dominated in regional representation. Half the brands in the BrandZ™ Top 100 and two-thirds of the Top 100 total brand value originate in North America. All of the Top 10 brands are based in the US.

Slower economies

Slower economies in fast growing markets reduced the number of brands from those counties in the BrandZ™ Global Top 100, from 17 a year ago to 14, 11 from China, two from Russia and one from Africa.

High-value brands

Other brands from China and Russia, and also brands from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico appear in the category rankings, which include some high-value brands below the Top 100 brand value threshold.

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