Three Australian Brands Make Ranking

Three Australian brands appear in the BrandZ™ 2013 newcomer ranking: two banks, ANZ and Westpac; and a retailer, the supermarket brand Woolworths.

In addition, the Australian supermarket brand Coles is listed in the retail category, although it does not appear in the Top 100. Newcomers are brands that appear for the first time, or after an absence, in the BrandZ Top 100 ranking.

Last year, the BrandZ 2012 newcomer ranking also included an Australian bank brand, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, a glimpse of a trend more fully realized in BrandZ 2013. Commonwealth Bank rose to number 48 in the BrandZ 2013 ranking, up from number 60 in the 2012 ranking.

The growing brand value of brands from Australia indicates the strength of the country's economy relative to other developed markets, and how the country's proximity to fast growing Asia markets is influencing growth.

The impact of Chinese consumer purchasing power was among the drivers of brand value growth of the two luxury brand newcomers, Gucci and Prada. Gucci last ranked in BrandZ Top 100 in 2010. Both Gucci and Prada appeared in the luxury category ranking a year ago, in BrandZ 2012.

No brands from BRIC countries appear in the BrandZ 2013 newcomer ranking. Two years ago, in BrandZ 2011, seven BRIC brands made the list: five from China and one each from Brazil and Russia. A year ago, the BrandZ 2012 newcomer ranking included two Chinese brands, one Indian brand and one brand from South Africa.

The newcomer ranking generally includes at least one technology or telecom brand. This year it's Yahoo!, which benefited from the appointment of a new CEO from Google, and continued leadership in Japan.

BT raised its global profile with its smooth execution of all the communications for the Olympics and Paralympics in the London 2012 Summer Games. Investment in fiber optic infrastructure strengthened the brand competitively. Strong revenue and profits pushed newcomer JP Morgan into the BrandZ Top 100 2013 ranking.

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