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13 Brand Categories Ranked

Technology brands again dominated, comprising 30 percent of BrandZ™ Top 100 total value. Apple, IBM, Google and Microsoft occupied four of the top five positions (McDonald’s was the exception).

The three categories that grew most in brand value—luxury, fast food and apparel—revealed an underlying consumer determination to spend on brands, but to spend wisely for quality and value.

The insurance category experienced the sharpest decline, 16 percent, in part because of the exposure to catastrophes including the tsunami in Japan and flooding in Thailand.


Value wins sales as discounts, rising costs squeeze margins


Brands positioned for faster growth worldwide


Economic ups and downs drove stop and go sales

Fast Food

Chains scrambled to add new meals and cut calories

Financial Institutions

Regulations, lack of trust challenge banks


Debt, disasters, upheaval formed perfect storm


Feeling entitled, consumers spent on luxury goods

Oil & Gas

Energy challenge became more complicated

Personal Care

Smart shoppers expected low prices, more benefits


Global economy and e-commerce reshaped retail

Soft Drinks

Health and energy drinks fizzed, but cola remained flat


More scale, more sales, more scrutiny

Telecom Providers

Dumb pipes joined smart ecosystems

BrandZ Top 100 2012

BrandZ Global 2012 Report Top 100 Report

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Methodology and valuation by Kantar Millward Brown

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