New Media

New Media Messages

Using both new and traditional media, brands communicated messages shaped by themes that informed this year's BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, including:

  • Assertion of individuality: The surge of personal expression empowered by the Internet was matched by a consumer preference for personal expression in apparel and other products, resulting in a trend to the bespoke (for those who could afford it) or mass customization (for everyone else).
  • Concern for personal health and wellness: Consumers, across economic groups, paid more attention to the food they put in their bodies (improvements in fastfood menus) and the products they put on their bodies (changes in personal-care ingredients).
  • Concern about the environment: Consumers weren't willing to pay any price for environmentally friendly products, but being "green" became a hygiene factor in some categories (the introduction of more hybrid and some electric cars).
  • Concern about product provenance: Consumers wanted to feel good about their possessions. They wanted peace of mind, knowing that any pleasure they derived from owning a product did not come at the expense of the people who made it.

The changes in media and message influenced the very notion of brand. Digital media enabled brands to become more present and interactively involved in the lives of consumers. Prompted by a shift in consumer values, brands pursued their commercial interests in a larger context, if not with a higher purpose.

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Methodology and valuation by Kantar Millward Brown

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