BrandZ Top Dutch Brands

In the inaugural BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Dutch Brands ranking and report we see how disruptive ‘new giants’ rub shoulders with iconic brands to create an environment where some of the most innovative brands in Europe have flourished. Dutch brands are punching above their weight, with the total value of the Top 30 proportionally larger when compared to overall country GDP than the Top 30s from the UK, Germany or France.

While BrandZ global data shows that brands perceived as innovative grow seven times faster than other brands, in a mature and crowded market like the Netherlands, having a strong purpose can also help a brand stand out and increase the likelihood they will be invited into people’s lives and homes.

Take a look at the report to discover what consumers really think about the Netherlands’ most valuable brands, which brands have made it into the first BrandZ ranking, and how to build a strong brand that stands the test of time.


Thought Leadership

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