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Thought Leadership – Brand China

For Brand China, the challenge to move up the value chain and create an image beyond the “factory of the world” remains significant. Chinese brands have a large part to play in this transformation. Our first article, Brand China, examines ways in which Chinese brands might address the challenge either by taking actions based on successful case studies or adopting new strategies.

Brand Building Best Practices – Multiscreen Viewing

According to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) there were 632 million Internet users in China by mid-2014. And more Chinese now go online using a smartphone, 83.4 percent, rather than a PC device, 80.9 percent. Read our article on Multiscreen Viewing.

Brand Building Practices – Brand-Led Organizations

China is becoming a genuine brand land. We are now flooded with numerous brands down the streets, up on the outdoor billboards, and popping up on the Internet. The smartest brands are moving beyond simple product ads to marketing the brand experience. Enabled by unprecedented technologies, entire industries are connecting with customers and one another in new ways. Read more about Brand-Led Organizations.

BrandZ China Top 100 2015

BrandZ China 2015 Report Top 100 Report
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2015 BrandZ China Top 100 Infographic

BrandZ China 2015 Infographic

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