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Stand up and stand out

Ricardo Pérez
Senior Client Director
Kantar Millward Brown


Today, brands need to have a purpose that goes beyond “just making money”. They must be relevant to the consumer in a way that helps them to live their life better. What we have recently come to appreciate is that it is the consumer’s own personal experience that confirms whether a brand is really relevant to them and meets their needs.

Being relevant is an important factor when building a brand, but the strength of this relevance is even greater when a brand is also perceived to be different from the alternatives available in the market. When we have a choice between a range of products that all seem very similar, a small difference in one of them can be key.

And, finally, it is essential to be well-known. This does not mean that my brand necessarily has more advertising mentions than the rest. It means that it is sufficiently visible so that it comes to mind at the decisive moment that a consumer considers a purchase in that category. Being well-known is about being recognized and understood – not merely achieving big numbers on scales of reach and frequency.

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