BrandZ Top South African Brands

The first BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable South African brands ranking is one of our most diverse, with brands from several categories covered from banks and hospitals to beer, fast food and entertainment.

With a combined value of only $42.6 billion the South African Top 30 has the lowest combined value, but don’t let this make you think they aren’t worth note, the brands show more potential for global growth than their counterparts in Europe and even China.

However, the study notes that South African brands looking to grow and deliver superior shareholder value need to work on differentiating themselves in a meaningful way from their competitors.

Take a look at the report and ranking to discover which brands made the inaugural BrandZ South African ranking and find out how to build a meaningful connection with local consumers.


Thought Leadership

Leading Disruption

Brands are increasingly challenged to find growth in uncomfortable places. Now more than ever, marketers have to be ready to lead disruption of their particular competitive landscape.