Complex forces shape Brazilian brands

Ordem & Progresso. Order and Progress. These words emblazoned across the Brazilian flag capture the equilibrium that the country struggles to maintain as its economy rapidly expands.

Brands entering and trading in Brazil are challenged to comprehend and engage this constantly fluctuating market. Compared with earlier periods of disruption, however, the changes are transformative. While serious income inequities remain, almost half of Brazil's population now is considered middle class. The dramatic shift produced a sharp rise in purchasing power with consequences for consumer and business-to-business brands that are largely positive but not entirely predictable.

This study confronts this dilemma with extensive local knowledge and perspective. A definitive look at the most valuable Brazilian brands today, the study examines brands across all categories and considers many of the social and economic forces reshaping Brazil and producing local and international brand leadership.

The BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Brazilian Brands engages the extensive global resources of WPP and the knowledge and insights of its Brazilian companies. The brand valuations were completed by BrandAnalytics in collaboration with Millward Brown Optimor. They are based on BrandZ™ methodology. BrandZ™ is the world's largest andmost comprehensive brand valuation tool. A full explanation of the methodology appears on page 182. The study explores the history, market positioning, recent developments and challenges of each of the Top 50 brands. Each brand profile includes at-aglance facts, a summary of key developments and a photo of customers interacting with the brand.

The study opens with an essay by The Futures Company that sets the socio-economic context for Brazil's remarkable growth and, drawing on the company's exclusive 2011 Global Monitor, describes how public optimism drives economic growth and brand acceptance.

Several other WPP operating companies in Brazil contribute local market insights. These commentaries accompany the presentations of the Top 50 brands and illuminate many of the issues surrounding effective brand building in Brazil. The commentaries and WPP experts include:

Brand Brazil
Brazil's economic vitality, the forces shaping it and the impact on brands. By Kantar Worldpanel, Brazil.

The Olympics and World Cup
Major opportunities to drive growth and confirm Brazil's stature as a global economic force. By 9ine, Brazil.

The Impact of Digital
The government drive for digital inclusion and Brazilians as one of the world's most "wired" peoples. By, Brazil.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Scaling up to compete, brands rely on communications specialists. By Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Brazil.

The Rising Middle Class
Improved living standards and the consequences for purchasing behavior and brands. By Millward Brown, Brazil.

Fundamentals for brand building in Brazil

  1. Reach out digitally
    Brazilians are among the most wired people on the planet. This interconnectivity helps cross the social and economic divides, which are narrowing but sill exist.
  2. Be prepared for competition
    International brands entering or expanding in Brazil are likely to encounter both eager and welcoming consumers and increasingly tough local competitors.
  3. Recognize distinctive cultures
    Because Brazil is a geographically large and demographically diverse country, successful brands recognize that making an impact on consumers requires adapting to many local cultures.
  4. Be emotional
    Brazilians respond positively to brands that create an emotional bond. While rational reasons for purchasing products and services remain important to Brazilian consumers, they are especially loyal to brands that earn their affection.
  5. Help build Brazil
    Becoming a genuine and active participant in the effort to raise living standards and reduce inequities will ultimately benefit the brand.

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