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Justifying a Premium

Account Manager
Kantar Millward Brown

The market for fast moving consumer goods in Indonesia is dynamic, and one of the fastest-growing categories right now is sweet soy sauce. This is a crowded category, and many brands are focusing on affordability to edge out the competition. Bango, however, is the category leader and sells at a higher price than many of its rivals. To protect its leadership position, it has to justify its higher pricing in light of the potential threat from other brands.

This challenge is made all the more difficult because as well as beating Bango on price, competing brands are echoing aspects of Bango’s brand communications, including focusing on Bango’s “malika” story, explaining that the sauce begins with the finest malika, or black beans. They are presenting a meaningful brand message through high-quality communications.

Faced with this situation, Bango is using innovative communications approaches to generate and maintain consumer excitement about the brand, both online and offline. The brand is linking its live events, such as the culinary fair Festival Jajanan Bango and 1001 Ramadan, with its food heritage app, Warisan Jajanan Kuliner. These innovations not only win attention but they are aligned with Bango’s core proposition: a great brand experience through unquestionable quality. This resonates well with consumers, and helps to elevate Bango’s brand value in the market.


Looking Beyond Jakarta

Account Manager
Kantar Millward Brown

For Indonesians, "Diversity in unity" is our motto, and this rule of thumb holds true for advertising here. We can apply universal learnings on how to build great ads, such as hooking the audience with a great story, and making the ad easy to understand, to provide the overarching themes that need to be present in an ad for this market. But we must also factor in diversity when it comes to really connecting with the Indonesian consumer. Most advertisers tend to focus on Jakarta, widely considered the nation’s melting pot, as the benchmark target in creative ad development. But recent Kantar Millward Brown research shows that different parts of Indonesia tend to have different approaches in how they regard TV advertising. For instance, consumers in Jakarta mostly view advertising as a source of information; they scrutinize an ad and process it based on facts delivered in the story. Meanwhile, Surabaya consumers are looking more to be entertained by advertising, attempting to find key moments in stories within an ad that links back to them emotionally. What this means is that advertisers have to be prepared to think in diverse ways if they wish to connect deeply with the audience; that means moving beyond Jakarta and developing a creative message with Indonesian diversity in mind.


Once Upon a Time ...

Account Manager
Kantar Millward Brown

Great stories can help make a brand meaningfully different, showing how a brand meets people’s needs and is emotionally relevant. But a good story also needs to showcase the brand message clearly. Many advertisers keep blasting viewers with a product message they’ve heard a thousand times before. A good story, tied to brand values, can help a brand’s message stand out from the crowd and make it memorable. This all helps motivate consumers to buy the brand.

There are two stages to developing a good story that is connected to brand values. First, brands need to define the value that they want to showcase to consumers. Then they need to tell a story that consumers can relate to. It can be funny or emotionally engaging, and if the story can tap into a recent trend – even better. A great example is #AdaAqua’s campaign, which tells the story of a girl who doesn’t want to drink Aqua, but then she mistakenly thinks she recognizes a famous singer, and takes a selfie with him because she’s losing concentration. The ad went viral. It cleverly evokes Aqua’s role as a brand that supports consumers in their daily life, and reminds them of the importance of hydration to aid concentration.

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