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Brand India’s personality differs from other BRIC country brands

Brand India is similar to the national brand personality of two other BRIC countries, Brazil and China. It’s also different from both in significant ways. Understanding the differences is useful for brands competing in India and for Indian brands with overseas growth aspirations.

BrandZ™ country personality profiles are compiled from the descriptions local consumers form of a country’s most valuable brands, using a vocabulary of 20 personality characteristics. Brand India, in other words, is the cumulative impression that consumers have of the country’s Top 50 most valuable brands. Because they’re based on the each country’s most valuable brands, these constructions of Brand India, Brand China, and Brand Brazil are especially relevant for competing in these country markets.

A country brand personality helps brand owners understand how a particular brand fits into the consumers’ general view of brands across categories. For exporters, country brand comparisons identify the potential areas of advantage or disadvantage, where a country brand can help propel or slow international expansion.

While India, Brazil, and China are remarkably congruent in brand personality characteristics, there are some tonal differences. India is more brave, adventurous and wise, for example. Adventurousness, in particular, points to a degree of entrepreneurialism. The character distinctions are consistent with brand ownership structures in the three country markets.

The overwhelming majority of the most valuable Indian brands are privately owned. In contrast, 45 percent of the most valuable Chinese brands are SOEs (State Owned Enterprises), not known for being brave or adventurous. Although Brazil’s most valuable brands are usually privately owned, they’re relatively older.

In addition, the private Indian brands are predominately owned by Indian family conglomerates or MNCs (Multinational Corporations). Both kinds of organizations have boldly built brands. The Indian family conglomerates have developed master brands that cross categories and in a way form the basis of Brand India.

Rebelliousness is the one characteristic that’s relatively less evident in Brand India, not surprising in a country that values its cultural heritage, and where people constantly mediate between the tug of tradition and the demands of modernity.

Brand India differs from Brand Brazil and Brand China

The three BRICs – Brazil, China, and India – are similar in brand personality, but Brand India differs in certain ways. Being seen as adventurous suggests a level of entrepreneurialism for Brand India.

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