Thought Leadership

Brand Valuation and Insights Critical for Success in a Changing Marketplace

Brand is among the most valuable financial assets of modern corporations. Brand contributes more to shareholder value creation than any other asset – tangible or intangible. Strong brands help drive sales, grow market share and build shareholder value. They're a key to the success of many of today's leading stock market winners. Read more.


Being Meaningfully Different Can Command a Premium – But many salient brands miss this major opportunity

The 2015 BrandZ™ Top 100 brands are all big and salient, but in many categories they struggle to be seen as meaningfully different. This works to their detriment because brands that are perceived as meaningfully different possess some important properties. Read more.


Brands Communicate About Sustainability: But not in a language millennials understand

There's no mistaking the swelling tide of attention to, and interest in, corporate sustainability – both from the perspective of businesses and from consumers. Guiding millennials through the evolving sustainability landscape may be a key foundational element of creating meaningful conversations on this topic in the years to come. Read more.


Purpose Will Guide Successful Brands and Help Inspire Workforce Excellence - Functional and emotional benefits alone are insufficient

Today, technology has broad implications that impact Brand Value propositions on many levels. One of these is brand behavior. Both good and bad behavior is immediately known to customers and other stakeholders who want to know how brands think – and act – about topics like child labor, women’s pay equality or sustainability. More broadly than this, purpose will be the acid test for the successful brands of the future. People will select the brand that stands for something they believe is worth supporting. Purpose will also inspire the workforce, and future winners will need to win with employees to be successful.


Digital brands dominate in the ranking, but strong creative breaks through

The SocialZ Verve Index, first released in 2014, uses Millward Brown's proprietary Verve Scoring methodology to measure the overall social vitality of a brand in social media. Born and bred digital brands again dominate the Top 10 in this year's ranking. Social networks – Google (led by YouTube), Twitter, and Facebook take the top three spots. Perpetual consumer favorites, Apple, Disney, and Nike are also in the Top 10. These iconic brands fuel avid attention through new product releases and strong integrated social media activity. Read more.