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Strong Brand Equity Drives Sustained Market Advantage

Nine of the 15 brands listed in the BrandZ™ 2013 Brand Contribution ranking also appeared last year.

The repeat performances of these brands— Pampers, Baidu, Guinness, Natura, Skol, Coca-Cola, Falabella, Chanel and Louis Vuitton—underlines the durability of Brand Contribution strength.

Brand Contribution is a salient component of brand value. It is the portion of brand value driven by brand itself, rather than financial or other factors. Brand Contribution measures a brand's ability to stand out and generate desire and loyalty in the mind of the consumer.

BrandZ methodology bases Brand Contribution on in-depth, quantitative interviews with over two million consumers in 30-plus countries. This rigorous, objective and consumer-facing research distinguishes BrandZ as the most authoritative brand valuation methodology. BrandZ scores Brand Contribution on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most positive.

Most of the BrandZ 2013 Brand Contribution Top 15 also rank in the Top 100. Some appear only in the category rankings. All outperformed the average Brand Contribution levels of their respective categories. The mix of strategies and tactics for achieving this competitive advantage vary by brand and category.

Beer and luxury are the most represented categories in the Brand Contribution ranking with three brands each. Brand Contribution is especially important in these categories, where the product depends so much on effective marketing communication and the emotional response of the consumer.

The Brand Contribution leader, Aguila, is a Colombian beer brand owned by SABMiller. It appears for the first time in BrandZ 2013, in the beer category ranking. Guinness enjoys strong Brand Contribution in part because of its consistent brand proposition. Diageo, the alcoholic beverage company, markets its Guinness brand worldwide as a premium beer.

Skol is a local Brazilian brand owned and marketed by AB InBev, the world's largest brewer. The personal care brand Natura also is Brazilian. The presence of Skol and Natura indicate how local brands can build consumer preference even when the market includes global competitors.

The slowdown in China's economic growth affected luxury brands, but Gucci sales remained strong in most regions, even Europe. And an increase in Brand Contribution contributed to Gucci's substantial rise in brand value.

Chanel and Louis Vuitton illustrate how luxury brands cultivate Brand Contribution in various ways. Chanel emphasizes the brand's exclusivity, while Louis Vuitton tends to be more accessible, widely celebrating its heritage in travel and evoking the elegance of earlier periods.

The presence of a retailer in the Brand Contribution ranking reflects the high profile of the department store Falabella, particularly in its home market, Chile, but also throughout South America.

The Coca-Cola brand continues to score high in Brand Contribution even as the company's carbonated beverages remain the focus of consumer health concerns. The strength of Coca-Cola's Brand Contribution score illustrates the power of an iconic brand to help support the business it signifies.

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