Technology brand value remains flat

In a year of product iteration, rather than innovation, the overall brand value of the technology category remained flat. The race to assemble and dominate ecosystems defined the year for B2C brands. In B2B, some brands discovered opportunities in big data and the cloud, while others struggled to reposition away from device-driven strategies.

Without the surge in Apple and Facebook brand value that helped drive category growth, Technology declined 1 percent in the BrandZ™ 2013 ranking, after five years averaging 8 percent annual category growth.

The value of the Telecom category grew 1 percent, driven by the increase in mobile data transmission.

Technology and Telecom brands together make up the largest segment of the BrandZ Top 100, both in number of brands represented and in their aggregate value.

Over a quarter of the BrandZ Top 100 brands are in Technology or Telecoms. The exact number is 28, up from 24 brands in 2006 but down from 31 brands in last year's ranking.

Technology average brand value, $44.2 billion, is double the average $21.1 billion value of other brands in the BrandZ Top 100 (excluding technology and telecoms).

The top three BrandZ most valuable global brands are in technology: Apple, Google and IBM. And six of the BrandZ Top 10 are Technology brands or Telecoms.

Tencent, the Chinese messaging platform, grew 52 percent in brand value based on the success of its WeChat utility for voice and text communication over the Internet.

Driven by the success of its Galaxy smartphone, and positive impact on its digital devices and home appliances, Samsung improved 51 percent in brand value, moving up 25 places in the BrandZ™ ranking to number 30.

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