Brand Contribution

Brand Contribution is the distinctive advantage of the BrandZ™ ranking.

It’s an assessment of how effectively a brand differentiates from its competitors, generates desire and cultivates loyalty. Derived from extensive consumer research, Brand Contribution is among the measurements included in the calculation of brand value. (Please see the methodology).

High Brand Contribution is an enduring competitive strength. In fact, all but three of the brands in the 2012 BrandZ™ ranking of Brand Contribution leaders also appeared last year. Coca-Cola and two Chilean retailers, Falabella and Sodimac, debuted this year. One of South America’s largest retailers, Falabella operates department stores, supermarkets and specialty outlets, including the Sodimac home improvement chain.

High Brand Contribution most often is found in categories, such as luxury, where the emotional connection to the consumer is more salient than any functional benefit. In the 2012 BrandZ™ ranking of Brand Contribution leaders, six of the 15 brands listed are in the luxury category. Interestingly, six other brands are from fast growing markets and represent categories other than luxury.

Looking at the results another way, of the brands rated highest in Brand Contribution, 40 percent are in luxury and 40 percent come from BRIC countries and other fast growing markets. Fast growing market brands comprise 20 percent of the BrandZ™ Top 100. These accomplishments reflect the rising stature and value of brands in fast growing markets.

Along with Falabella and Sodimac, three other Latin American brands, all from Brazil, appear among the 15 brands in the 2012 BrandZ™ Brand Contribution ranking: the beers Skol and Brahma and Natura, a cosmetic brand. The highly valued Chinese search engine Baidu is the other brand from a fast growing market.

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