Regional Rankings

More Brands Based in Asia and Latin America

More than half of the 13 brands that appeared for the first time in the regional rankings were based in China or Brazil.

The new Chinese brands included a combination of stateowned organizations (China Mobile, China Life Insurance and Bank of China) and entrepreneurial enterprises (search engine Baidu and social network Tencent/QQ). Two beers (Skol and Brahma) and a personal care brand (Natura) were newcomers from Brazil.

Brands based in North America still accounted for a disproportionate amount of brand value, however. The brand value of the leaders based in North America totaled about $830 billion or roughly 55 percent of the roughly $1.5 trillion in value for all brand leaders ranked in the regional charts.

But leadership depends on what's being measured. Only one of the North American brands, Coca-Cola, received a top rating of 5 in brand contribution, which means that a substantial part of its value as a brand was based on the strength of the bond between the brand and customers. In contrast, all three of the newcomer Brazilian brands rated 5.

The difference in brand contribution levels can be explained in part – but not entirely – by the product categories that made up the North American and Latin American rankings. Brands in the technology and telecom provider sectors, which dominated the North American ranking, evoke less positive emotion than beer and personal care. A rating of 5 is unusual in any category, however, other than luxury.

Indeed, Louis Vuitton, BMW and Mercedes earned a brand contribution of 5 in the European ranking. These brands, of course, have connected with consumers around the world. China's Baidu, the only other brand distinguished by a brand contribution of 5, remained like the Brazilian brands, a local phenomenon – at least for now.

Across the five regions, technology and telecom providers dominated, with a total of 18 brands: seven based in North America, four in Asia, four in Continental Europe, two in the UK and one in Latin America. Reflecting mostly revised valuation methodology, four telecom provider brands were new to the regional rankings this year: AT&T, Verizon (North America), Deutsche Telekom and Movistar (Europe).

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