Brands develop ecosystems to compete effectively

Technology surpassed banks this year as the category contributing the largest share of brand value to the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands. The nine technology brands in the BrandZ™ China 100 comprise almost a quarter its total value.

Tencent, the Internet portal, ranks number one, displacing China Mobile, which has led the BrandZ™ China ranking since its inception in 2011. The search engine Baidu ranks fifth.

Both Tencent and Baidu continued to evolve into online ecosystems to compete more effectively with ecommerce giant Alibaba for consumer time and advertiser revenue. Tencent, for example, bought a 15 percent stock share of and linked it with its WeChat messaging service to provide seamless shifting between ecommerce and social media.

Similarly, the Internet portal and media company Sina conducted an IPO (Initial Public Offering) of Weibo, its social media subsidiary. As Alibaba owns about 30 percent of Weibo, the transaction facilitates contact between Weibo users and merchants on Alibaba sites.

Technology brands also moved rapidly into mobile, particularly mobile payment. And some technology brands extended to other categories. Letv, a streaming video site, also produces its own brand smart TV. Some brands, such as Lenovo, expanded their global presence.

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