Jewelry Retailers

Special products and services drive sales

Four jewelry retailers are ranked in the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands. They are: Lao Feng Xiang, Eastern Gold Jade, Ming Jewelry, and Lao Miao.

The general economic slowdown and competitive pressure impacted sales. And the leading brands responded with a variety of strategies and initiatives, such as expanding in lower tier cities, increasing e-commerce presence, and introducing personalized services for high-wealth customers.

The brands also emphasized their specialties. Dongfang Jinyu, or Eastern Gold Jade, planned cultural exhibits around the heritage of jade. Lao Miao created unique products from gold.

BrandZ China Top 100 2014

BrandZ China 2014 Report Top 100 Report
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2014 BrandZ China Top 100 Infographic

BrandZ China 2014 Infographic

Methodology and valuation by Kantar Millward Brown

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