Media Attention

Key Initiatives for Gaining Media Attention

  1. Plan Multichannel Investment
    Don't try to outshout the competition. It's tempting, but too many brands are shouting. The brand message may not be heard, making the ad spending ineffective and inefficient, and leaving consumers more irritated than impressed. Take a more sophisticated approach, building brands long term.
  2. Create Compelling Content
    Journalists are looking for good stories, not brand promotions. Offer ideas that have news currency and place the brand in the broader context of an important social issue or hot topic.
  3. Demonstrate a Genuine Social Commitment
    Chinese consumers respond positively to activities that reflect a commitment to improving Chinese society. And these kinds of activities often receive media coverage.
  4. Engage on Social Media
    Establish the brand voice online through videos, games and other utilities. Reach both the broadest possible audience and narrow targeted groups. Constantly monitor and update the brand sites and be vigilant for potential problems, which can flare and spread quickly.

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