Going Global

Key Initiatives for Going Global

  1. Give People a Reason to Buy
    Don't use the "Made in China" label as an excuse to avoid overseas expansion or to explain overseas failure. Over 65 percent of overseas consumers are willing to consider Chinese brands, according to Millward Brown research. They may ask where a product is made, but what they really want know is, "What benefits does the product offer? How will it enrich my life?"
  2. Leverage Online Experience
    Because of the size and prominence of e-commerce and social media in China, Chinese brands often have a lot of experience communicating with consumers online. Overseas audiences will bring new challenges, but the knowledge about online brand building should help Chinese brands establish their presence in new country markets.
  3. Invest Long Term
    Going global requires commitment and investment. Once you make the decision to expand overseas, don't be tentative. International expansion is a strategic decision not a tactical step for topping up revenue and profits.

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