Top 30 Chinese Global Brand Builders 2017

New report examines challenges across categories and countries

The BrandZ™ Top 30 Chinese Global Brand Builders report was produced by BrandZ™ and Kantar Millward Brown in collaboration with Google. The report identifies and ranks 30 Chinese brands across nine categories based on their strength outside of China, and provides insights and recommendations for global brand building.

Brands are ranked based on their Brand Power, the BrandZ™ metric of brand equity, the consumer predisposition to choose a particular brand.

Today, western consumers are increasingly looking to China for the newest products and brands. Brand China, formerly associated with low quality, is becoming synonymous with innovation, especially among young people. This transition is most apparent in technology, such as smart phones and home electronics. The movement of ideas and product leadership across continents is not reversing its course. Rather, it is beginning to move in all directions, as it has throughout most of history. For these reasons, this is an opportune time for Chinese brands to reach new audiences by expanding abroad and competing with their global and local country market peers. To realize this potential, however, Chinese brands need to overcome many challenges.

First, Chinese brands are still relatively unknown outside of China, and building awareness, especially in developed markets, requires market insight and communications expertise. Second, awareness is only the start. The messaging and media for getting consumers to consider a brand can vary significantly market-by-market.

TheTop 30 Chinese Global Brand Builders report is a must read for any Chinese brand owner who is considering expanding overseas or who is already overseas and contemplating the next moves.

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Methodology and valuation by Kantar Millward Brown

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