Strong Brands Grow Over Time

Strong Brands Grow Over Time

In the past, many of the strongest global brands were afforded a luxury that is in short supply these days: time. The results of The Global Brand Survey demonstrate that being seen as part of the local culture is a significant driver of purchase intent for both global and local brands. However, while consumers have usually grown up with the local brand, the global brand is often less familiar because it has not been around as long.

The examples below demonstrate that tapping into local culture is an important part of establishing a strong brand but that it takes good local knowledge and time to do so.

Coca-Cola in Mexico

The majority of Mexicans recognize Coca-Cola as American (87%) but almost half (49%) are "Bonded" to the brand. Forty-four percent regard Coke as part of the Mexican culture (that's nearly double the percent of people who think the same about Pepsi). How did Coca-Cola become such a strong brand in Mexico?

Guinness in Africa

And you thought Guinness was an Irish brand? Well think again, because these days more Guinness is drunk in Nigeria than Ireland. How did this come to be?

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