Anita Watkins

Global Head of Qualitative, Insights Division, Kantar

As the Global Head of Qualitative for Kantar, Anita is accountable for all elements of qualitative research across Kantar operating brands worldwide. At Kantar, we seek to inspire our clients, our people and society to create and flourish in an extraordinary world and we do so by drawing on the expertise of our research consultants that sit across 60 countries. Prior to being appointed Global Head of Qualitative, with an entrepreneurial spirit, Anita has successfully grown qualitative in North America for KTNS over 900% and has transformed businesses in Latin America by building effective relationships with external and internal corporate clients. A seasoned researcher, Anita's focus is always on providing insight into connecting consumers emotionally to brands to drive growth for Fortune 500 clients. She has extensive experience in new product development, brand strategy, communications, retail, and satisfaction research.

Throughout her career, Anita has moderated hundreds of focus groups and one-on-one interviews for many Fortune 100 firms across CPG, Financial Services, Travel/Tourism, B2B and B2C audiences. Anita is a strategic thinker with a big heart and thrives on uncovering significant opportunities in the small details of everyday life.

Anita has a BS in Marketing, graduating Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Dayton, USA. She currently serves on Unilever’s Expert Panel for its highly regarded qualitative accreditation program and is recognized as an Accredited Professional Development Specialist for the Market Research Society in London. She also serves on the Advisory Board for Michigan State University’s Master of Science in Marketing Research Program.