Andy Truslove

Global Director, Performance & Quality, Insights Division, Kantar

What really interests Andy is the intersection of ideas, people and business growth. This led him into advertising planning, where he worked for several years across a number of categories.

After having completed an MBA, and keen to work across a broader spectrum of projects, Andy became a management consultant. This gave him a wealth of useful experiences, however it lacked the ‘human mystery’ element that qualitative research provides.

Over his years in qualitative research, Andy has worked on innumerable projects, covering market-entry work, brand strategy, innovation and creative development, for a very wide client-base. He continues to believe that empathy and imagination are the cornerstones of excellent qualitative research.

Andy is now newly-responsible for the quality of work that the qualitative teams produce. The remit of this role ranges from internal operations to on-the-job interventions.