Signature Approaches

Kantar Millward Brown’s Firefly Practice provides clients with new perspectives, provocative insights and strategic recommendations to move their businesses forward. To mine the most actionable insights, we rely on proven tools, methodologies and global best practices that allow us to connect with consumers on multiple levels.


  • Enhances the ability to observe people’s attitudes and behaviour “in the moment” rather than relying on memory. We get closer to people’s real-life brand experiences in context.
  • Offers a new level of intimacy with people through ethnographic observation and dynamic conversation
  • Social Lifestreaming is the observation of consumers’ online conversations and behaviours to understand their attitudes, preferences and lifestyles relative to brands and categories
  • Reality research involves participants wearing camera glasses or using their phones to create an authentic record of the world through their eyes
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  • Provides global access to creative consumers for co-creation and development of branded content
  • Is a social networking platform that enables people to share thoughts and feelings through text, image and video at their convenience
  • Engages consumers in an online forum to explore a topic and develop ideas
  • Provides a secure environment which encourages participation. Participants share thoughts & stories, publicly and /or privately
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  • A mid-stage, creative development approach, excellent for optimising a range of creative options
  • Determines if a creative idea is compelling and on strategy, and provides guidance on elements which need to be refined
  • Especially suitable for clients whose creative work will be Link-tested
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  • One-on-one non-directive interviews to determine true advertising perceptions
  • A late-stage approach, best used for one or two executions
  • Works alongside Kantar Millward Brown’s Link™ ad testing
  • Instrumental in understanding the “why” behind Link results
  • Provides direction for optimisation, and improves the likelihood of advertising campaign success
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Video Voice

  • An agile, tech-enabled way to capture participants’ spontaneous, unmediated responses
  • Uses a secure video capture platform that works with people’s preferred communication option
  • Can be used ethnographically to gather rich 30 to 60-second video responses about any given topic or to assess creative content. Multiple questions may be asked.
  • Uninhibited, stream-of-consciousness responses replicate real world perspective
  • Video is automatically uploaded to the platform for analysis
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  • Proprietary overlay onto Kantar Millward Brown’s Dynamic Tracking™, used for quick exploration of surprising issues that come up in tracking results
  • Live online interviews are conducted using webcams
  • Clients can interact with the moderator from a virtual “backroom”
  • Insights can be integrated into tracking deliverables
  • Video clips breathe life into tracking reports by infusing the human element
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  • Collaborative, interactive theatre-based experience for idea creation
  • Uses improv actors as “human stimuli” to spark engagement & creativity
  • Humour and empathy break down boundaries; consumers are unwittingly honest
  • Is a proprietary Kantar and Second City Works methodology (available in USA and UK only)
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