Why Millward Brown Precis?

Part of Millward Brown, one of the biggest global research brands and experts in brand health and advertising measures. PR evaluation is a perfect fit with MB’s philosophy of understanding the ‘total communication’ picture.

Precis [pray-see] from the French précis: the art of summarising lengthy and complex passages of text into the key messages.

This is what we provide for you – all of your brand’s PR content compressed into key useable data.

Millward Brown Precis delivers intuitive, flexible and comprehensive analysis of your key PR metrics.

Our in-depth evaluation of your product launches, corporate news (proactive, unsolicited and reactive) or campaign-based PR activity is insightful, detailed and logical.

Our worldwide network with MB and Kantar gives us global scope for both monitoring partnerships and evaluation.

Our links facilitate more holistic integration of PR/communications results with numerous other metrics.

MB Precis are the experts in PR analysis producing bespoke and industry syndicated analysis in Australia, Europe and US for over 20 years

Precis provides clear, user-friendly measurement for your brand

Precis’ system is a multi-dimensional metric that allows you to understand your ‘PR presence’ in a relevant 'mediascape' against your rivals

Precis drills down to a high level of detail – brands, products, sub-variants, messages and tone.

Our key attributes:

Targeted: Media auditing and measurement is becoming increasingly detailed, which gives greater ability to hone in on key audiences. The latest segmentation data can be included to ensure the most accurate picture of your media coverage.

Contextual: Analysis of your own brand’s coverage is useful for evaluating your strategy, while wider benchmarking your performance against key markers in your industry, adds greater value to your data. This is often more cost-effective than people expect

Flexible: We apply our expertise and independent experience in measuring PR output, although we appreciate that not all types of PR are worth the same to all brands. If you or your industry values product reviews higher than corporate news or passing mentions of sponsorships we can factor this in, so our analysis makes intuitive sense to you and your stakeholders.

Awarded: One of the longest established media evaluation companies globally and in Australia. The Australian team have won numerous industry awards for their analysis, including two AMEC gold medals and one platinum in recent years.

Accredited: Members of AMEC and the PRIA in Australia, we are committed to providing the highest quality research and insights for PR practitioners