What can we measure?

Here are some of the principal areas we assess for our clients:

  • Evaluating PR effectiveness – i.e. the quantity and quality of coverage generated;
  • Assessing brand PR worth - focusing on the relevant media landscape and target audience
  • Create insights to aid future media relations strategy
  • Competitor analysis - identify your own brands'/products' and sector rival brands’ positioning, messaging, activities.
  • Messaging strength – Quantify your perceived strengths and weaknesses versus competitors at brand or product level; assess if proactive messages cutting through; address miscommunication or misinformation.
  • Highlight messaging gaps - for your brand, or in your sector so that you can take advantage of and ultimately own
  • Reputation insights - Identifying themes or messages (favourable and unfavourable) that are gaining traction and identifying reputation “drivers” by sector
  • Media and journalist targeting - identify key focuses and biases of certain channels or commentators towards brands, products or specific issues.
  • Trend analysis – Building up a longer term view of the competitive landscape and where your brand and products sit within it. – tracking issues, competitors, and movements in volume and favourability of media coverage over time and identifying if any seasonality may affect them;
  • Health check – advance warning on issues relevant to the organisation and/or its sector or audience;
  • Issues monitoring/Crisis management - understand whether issues are escalating or diminishing and guide management response;