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Australian Charity Perceptions Report 2012

“Research is a powerful tool for charities but due to budget and resources we rarely have access to it, so this study will be incredibly useful to us”

- National Manager WWF –Brand, Marketing and Innovation

Millward Brown is a leading global research agency specialising in advertising, marketing communications, media and brand equity research, and helps clients build strong brands and services through research-based consultancy. As part of Millward Brown’s ‘impacting the community’ initiative we have applied our knowledge and experience to build a tailored research project aimed at informing the hundreds of thousands of charities and not-for-profit organisations (NPOs) in Australia, on current attitudes and behaviour towards this sector. The end benefit is a clear understanding of how to build a strong charity or NPO ‘brand’ and ultimately drive loyalty for a cause.

After contacting a range of different charities and NPOs, key questions that this research could focus on were identified. These ranged from many organisations needing basic information, such as ‘who is aware of us?’ and ‘how much are they donating?’ in order to set targets for growth. There were also broader attitudinal concerns, such as ‘is our cause viewed as important?’ and ‘would Australians rather donate to local, national or global appeals?’

Key recommendations combined Millward Brown’s knowledge of how the world’s leading brands market themselves with the practicalities of operating in this unique sector. One of the areas this report tackles, which is of primary concern to all charities and NPOs, was how to create a truly differentiated position in what is now a highly cluttered landscape. Utilising Millward Brown’s drivers of brand success, it is known that having ‘clarity of associations’ is key, and there are five attitudinal dimensions a brand can draw on to differentiate themselves. One such dimension, creating an emotional affinity, asks charities and NPOs to create events that become intrinsically linked to both the organisation and cause from childhood, such as ‘McHappy Day’ or ‘Jump Rope For Heart’. Beyond differentiation, the report outlines issues such as; the importance of ‘true presence’, levels of interaction with the overall sector (as well as individual charities and NPOs) and how to enhance engagement, key segments in society and how to target them.

The report, ‘Australian Charity Perception Report 2012’, was conducted and funded by Millward Brown Australia | Millward Brown © November 2011

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