1st May 2014: Millward Brown Breakfast Seminar, Eureka Tower, Melbourne

Over 150 clients joined us for our Sydney and Melbourne Breakfast Seminars, featuring two key speakers from Millward Brown. Nigel Hollis, Chief Global Analyst, discussed how smart brands make more money by leveraging the Meaningfully Different philosophy and Straford Rodrigues, Marketing Science Director, AMAP, revealed how best to maximise brand impact in a Multi Media environment.

Nigel Hollis, Chief Global Analyst, Millward Brown
How Smart Brands Make More Money

Bringing over 30 years of research experience, Nigel discusses how brand equity can be leveraged for financial growth through:

  • Demonstrating the Meaningfully Different philosophy
  • Sharing brand success stories
  • Enabling marketers to maximise the return on marketing investment in both the short and long-term

Straford Rodrigues, Marketing Science Director, Millward Brown Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific 
Maximising Brand Impact in a Multi Media Environment

Media fragmentation and the rise of digital platforms have implications for channel choice, budget allocation and communication approach. Straford shares learnings derived from over 100 CrossMedia™ brand effectiveness studies. Including:

  • The role of 'traditional' vs digital media channels
  • Incremental reach or efficient frequency
  • Media synergies and optimisation